Product Update: Custom links for segmenting participants and tracking what works

Ever feel like you’re doing a lot to drive community engagement, but aren’t sure what’s working?

What if you could tell which specific outreach efforts were generating the most participation?

Or segment participants based on how they found you?

Now you can do both using custom links in With a couple clicks, you can create unique links for things like:

  • Tracking performance of specific postcards, mailings, or signs
  • Sharing a link with a community groups
  • Automatically segmenting participants by community group
  • Measuring participation results by social media post

Here’s an example of applying this for improving transit engagement:

1. A custom link is created for blue line bus stops:

 Community engagement software for transit - text messaging campaign

2. Residents participate via the unique blue line link

 Community engagement software for transit - lower the barrier to entry with mobility

3. Resident is automatically added to the ‘Blue Line Riders’ segment

 Community engagement software for transit - custom links to create segments

Want to see how better link tracking can help you understand what’s working with community engagement?

See it live in a virtual walkthrough:

See it live

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