Online Town Hall Survey Software

Leverage best-in-class tools to reach your constituents and bring all the community’s data together in an online town hall.


Integrate Online Town Hall Data with Offline MeetingS


Our meeting toolkit and 'Meeting Mode' are designed to increase online town hall attendance, capture more data, and make it easier to bring together the online and offline aspects of community engagement.

Conduct Geo-Targeted OutreacH


Draw the areas you want to reach, and can push targeted messaging to specific residents via social media ads and our news advertising partners.

Leverage robust analytics


Compile and understand data from your online town hall surveys, social media, meetings, text messaging, and even paper surveys in one central dashboard. Report on it in minutes with our suite of over 25 data visualization formats.

Understand Participant geographY


Use Geo-IP integrations or intuitive 'share your location' features to collect and visually analyze participant location. This is especially helpful for identifying under-represented areas to conduct additional outreach.

Streamline comment analysiS


Quickly identify and visualize themes from your qualitative inputs (comments) using our automated tagging system. Say goodbye to hours of poring over spreadsheets to code comments.


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