Certified Partners Program

The PublicInput Partners Program provides additional value to consultants that have gained experience on the PublucInput platform.  Consultants can gain experience by either purchasing project license(s) or using the software on behalf of one of our Agency clients.  

Experienced consultants that join the Partner Program receive tier-based incentives including;

  • License Fee Discounts
  • Prioritized Support
  • Exclusive Marketing
  • Opportunity Leads
  • Discounts for your Clients

Over 70 consulting firms have used the PublicInput software platform to manage engagement for their clients.  Now, this program allows us to recognize these professionals’ training and experience using our web-based suite of engagement tools. 



Differentiate Your Firm and Your Proposals
with Industry-leading Software


How PublicInput can support your engagement efforts:

  • Fast Deployment: Projects licenses are available for projects big & small. Consultants can receive access and begin training and use in as little as a day. 
  • Support & Training: Whether it’s engagement strategy or technical support questions, live Success Team is only a click away. 
  • Easy Data Management: Avoid data management nightmares by using a single software for both online and offline engagement.
  • Visual Comment Analysis: Automated comment tagging and comment clouds transform simple text into comprehensive visual summaries.  
  • Stay Informed: Automate analysis with instant results and reports.
  • Streamline Effort: Manage engagement and responses in one database and if desired, export to a CSV is easy. 
  • Accessibility & Equity: Target and reach underrepresented communities with mapping tools, integrated social media leading to accessible sites with equitable options. 
  • More Value for Your Client: Over 160 agencies use PublicInput software. Your clients can receive exclusive pricing through project license credits. 


How PublicInput Partners Program can support your efforts:


Build credibility through training and certification

  • Develop platform expertise through online training modules
  • Stay on top of best practices by participating in PublicInput.com user groups and webinars
  • Elevate your firm through achieving Certification Tiers and add your logo to our homepage

Benefit from marketing and business development assistance

  • Have your firm highlighted in case studies, webinars, blogs, social media, and more
  • Coordinate with our experts to develop effective engagement strategies and help position your firm for project pursuit

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