A Better Community Engagement Process

There are many ways to create community engagement opportunities, but along with them come pitfalls. Do hard-to-reach, underrepresented groups know there is an opportunity to participate? Will residents actually engage when given the opportunity? Once you get input from the public, will it be easy to organize and truly understand? How can you close the feedback loop to show residents that they are being heard?

The answer is not another app or widget, but a practical and powerful way of thinking about community engagement.

Public involvement software - community engagement process - PublicInput.com

More method, less madness.

You need a better community engagement process:

  1. Reach beyond the self-selectors by using targeted online outreach.

  2. Provide accessible online engagement to lower the barrier to entry.

  3. Capture and analyze by bringing together all engagement to see one, complete picture.

  4. Close the feedback loop by easily following up with residents.

  5. Build trust through a cycle of engagement and re-engagement which can now be measured.

PublicInput.com gives agencies - and those who work with them - a toolkit to implement every step of community assessment and community engagement. Access community engagement software that builds public trust with one login.

See the process and toolkit in a live virtual demo: