Your Public Engagement Software Toolkit’s toolkit is built to support every step of the public engagement process.

Reach beyond the usual voices.

  • Seamlessly integrate with targeted social media advertising

  • Capture resident location data to create targeted email lists with incredible accuracy

  • Outreach is as simple as crafting your message and selecting the areas you want to reach

  • Easily monitor engagement to understand who’s missing and what’s working


Quickly deploy beautiful, accessible web content.

  • Create drag-and-drop project websites and surveys in minutes

  • Designed for maximum participation and ease, all sites are mobile-friendly and mobile-first

  • All sites include built-in support for events, documents, and 15 different engagement formats

Go MultiLingual.png

Be multi-lingual by default

Deploy in multiple languages - great feature to combine with targeted social outreach. All comments are automatically translated for analysis.


Mobile-first mapping tools

Keep participants engaged with integrated mobile-first mapping tools. Bring in project map files and export comments to ESRI, ArcGIS, and more.


Highly-engaging question formats

Leverage questions that help educate residents on tradeoffs, while keeping formats simple and mobile friendly to maximize engagement.


Supercharge your public meetings.

'Meeting Mode' is designed to increase meeting attendance, capture more meeting data, and make it easier to bring together the online and offline aspects of community engagement.

Meeting Mode is designed to increase meeting attendance, capture more meeting data, and make it easier to bring together the online and offline aspects of community engagement.


Live audience participation

Integrate live voting and commenting via SMS or short link. Display live results and track everything alongside your online survey responses.


Simplified sign-in

Leverage kiosks and tablets to modernize engagement with digital sign-in. Capture participant information immediately.


Complete data capture

The complete meeting toolkit integrates data across online and offline interactions to help you quantify and report the full engagement picture.


Leverage best-in-class data analytics and reporting.


Compile and understand data from your online surveys, social media, meetings, text messaging, and even paper surveys in one central dashboard. Report on it in minutes with our suite of over 25 data visualization formats.


Understand participant geography

Use Geo-IP integrations or intuitive 'share your location' features to collect and visually analyze participant location.


Automate comment analysis

Quickly identify and visualize themes from your qualitative inputs (comments) using our automated tagging system.

data explorer.png

Make data interactive

Share interactive data tools to allow residents to explore the data to increase engagement and generate insights.


Close the feedback loop and keep the conversation going.


Capture participant contact information and follow up. Showing residents that they have been heard is the best way to increase public trust.


Your Community Engagement Partner

As active collaborators, we are constantly evolving our software to meets the needs of our agency and consultant partners. is ready-to-work: if you want it, we’ll build it.

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