launches “last mile” translation service for surveys, project websites

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Email: launches “last mile” translation service for surveys, project websites

Technology-based process offers human accuracy while greatly reducing translation time

RALEIGH, NC – December 12, 2018 – Community engagement software company is introducing a high-fidelity translation service for local government agencies that instantly translates surveys and project websites, along with expert translator review.

Currently, agencies may rely singularly on human translation or an online translation service, creating a trade-off between quality translation and time. Human translation offers higher quality but is time-consuming; online translation is faster and cheaper, but loses the human touch of catching more nuanced language.

This new option allows for both speedy turnover, and a high degree of reliable quality.

“This streamlined process for survey and project website translation makes reaching native speakers of nearly any language much easier,” said CEO of Jay Dawkins. “Agencies will now be able to use their in-house translators for larger, more involved projects while also capturing data from all residents, regardless of their native language.”

In the past, both human translation and online translation resulted in siloed data via duplicate surveys – a problem that even industry leaders in survey and email marketing tools we’re unable to solve – until now.

According to Dawkins, treating public input like data and housing it in one hub regardless of how a survey was answered (text/SMS, online survey, paper survey, et al.) is key to creating a clear, complete picture of public sentiment.

“By combining online and offline efforts, and keeping all that data in one place, agencies are able to put a process behind their community engagement efforts,” said Dawkins. “This is key to creating a cycle of communication that closes the feedback loop and builds public trust – a dire need of our public institutions.” is offering this new service for a reduced, limited-time price of $100 per survey.

About is a community engagement software company founded in 2014 by a group of engineers and planners. We believe that when public engagement is less costly, less painful, and more representative of community needs, it becomes a powerful tool for creating better policy. This starts with a better community engagement process.


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