Posted by Hunter Gardner | 19 June 2019
3 Benefits Of Working With Consultants Who Use Innovative Community Engagement Software

Trusting a consulting professional with the community engagement process, whether for a single project or over the long run, helps keep public involvement a priority while alleviating constraints on time and effort. When hiring a consultant for the task at hand, it is important to consider two key factors: The goals of public participation in...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 14 June 2019
How organizations are increasing equity and inclusivity with social media advertising

Public organizations are now capitalizing on the everyday presence of social media in residents’ lives by applying targeted advertising methods and connecting these efforts to the bigger picture of engagement through centralized public engagement software.

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 28 May 2019
What are the benefits of closing the feedback loop?

After collecting public input and finding key insights, we might often go straight to outlining a plan without following up with residents on how their input may have impacted that plan. Closing the feedback loop is not just a nicety, there are real benefits for decision makers, both in the short run and in the...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 19 March 2019 on GovLove: The 5 most common community engagement pitfalls

Community engagement - whether in a town of 5,000 or a major metropolis - comes down to intention and design. CEO Jay Dawkins spoke about this, and five common pitfalls of community engagement, in a recent episode of the ELGL podcast, GovLove.

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 04 March 2019
“Engaging Residents Through Relevance” – Webinar Highlights co-hosted a webinar with Planning Supervisor TJ McCourt of Raleigh, NC. McCourt and his team recently received national attention from NRPA’s Parks & Recreation for their Raleigh dog parks project. Watch the highlights or use the jump links to fast-forward.

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Posted by Graham Stone | 28 February 2019
Community engagement without breaking the budget

Every resident needs the opportunity to be heard when it comes to the issues that affect them, which is why a community engagement strategy is critical, no matter the size of a town or the scope of a project.

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 20 February 2019
More Meaningful Feedback: How Online Engagement Software Makes A Difference

Great community engagement relies on getting meaningful feedback from residents on a given project. Meaningful feedback makes engagement efforts worthwhile, provides valuable insights to project teams, and builds public trust by improving the relationship between residents and local government.

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 30 January 2019
Product Update: Custom links for segmenting participants and tracking what works

Ever feel like you’re doing a lot to drive community engagement, but aren’t sure what’s working?What if you could tell which specific outreach efforts were generating the most participation? Or segment participants based on how they found you? Now you can do both using custom links in…

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