Posted by Hunter Gardner | 09 February 2021
NCHRP Project “Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success” To Enter Next Phase of MPO Outreach

Information Forums will be open to all MPOs and partners to participate in nationwide research project. The first forum, on micromobility, has been announced: RSVP here. February 9, 2021 Washington, D.C.: The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) is launching the next phase of NCHRP 08-122, “Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success”, carried out...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 04 February 2021
GovLove Podcast: Community Engagement During COVID-19

Ashley Traynum-Carson from The City of Asheville recently joined CEO Jay Dawkins on GovLove, the podcast produced by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL). Recorded on Inauguration Day 2021, Ashley, Jay, and host Kirsten Wyatt look back on a historically challenging year for government marked by social distancing and social unrest. Ashley and Jay agree...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 07 January 2021
When things go sideways, rebuilding trust starts local

Yesterday, an unprecedented attack on our nation’s capitol left many of us shocked, saddened, and discouraged. How could this be real? A violent mob forcefully took control of the legislative chambers of the world’s most powerful democracy. Former president George W. Bush summed up the shock succinctly by saying, “This is how election results are...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 20 November 2020
Leverage EJSCREEN data in – meet the Environmental Data Module

You work hard to make sure your public engagement efforts are equitable. Before your project's public participation outreach begins, you try to anticipate the needs of your community. Where should your limited resources go, and what would be most beneficial to your residents? During your project, you take the steps to make your outreach equitable....

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 28 July 2020
Navigating the “new NEPA” — What MPOs & DOTs Need To Know

The National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) — a pillar of environmental law that has undergone little reform since its creation 50 years ago — saw major rollbacks this summer after proposed changes were finalized by The Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ). REGISTER HERE After reading the 194 page document, here’s what you need to know...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 22 June 2020
5 signs that virtual public meetings are here to stay

Mixed-mode surveying — using a variety of traditional and virtual tactics — is a proven public engagement best practice. Now, in light of COVID-19, government organizations have been put in the challenging position of “going completely virtual”. The biggest challenge? Taking in-person meetings online. Virtual public meetings created new virtual hurdles, with off-the-shelf solutions and...

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