Posted by Tricia Thomas | 26 July 2021
Road Work Ahead

Summertime is here and construction season is in full swing.   For local governments and state departments of transportation (DOT), construction season is a recurrent opportunity to share information, solicit feedback, and celebrate the progress that the community has made together. From project conceptualization to contract award, construction season is by far the most emblematic indicator...

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Posted by Tricia Thomas | 22 July 2021
Equity In Planning

Get ahead of the 2020 Census Data Release  In our recent webinar, Census 2020: Opportunities for Equity in Planning, our special guest speakers Lacey Loftin (U.S. Census Bureau) and Sara Ellis (City of Raleigh, NC) shared practical information about how to access and use Census data in planning as well as issues and opportunities facing...

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Posted by Tricia Thomas | 16 July 2021
City of Austin, TX celebrates “hyperlocal” engagement

Every 10 years the City of Austin, TX engages in a long-range planning effort that is designed to guide the development and growth of the city’s park system.   The most recent plan, Our Parks, Our Future, was honored by the American Planning Association (APA) with the 2021 National Excellence in Planning Award for their efforts...

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multilingual closed captions
Posted by Tricia Thomas | 13 July 2021
Real-Time, Multilingual Closed Captions

Real-time, multilingual closed captions for livestreamed public meetingsAccording to the 2020 US Census, over 20% of people in America report speaking a language other than English in the home.  For governments, public sector planners and engagement professionals that means implementing an effective language assistance program is both necessary and oftentimes required.  Percent of the Population...

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Posted by Tricia Thomas | 17 June 2021
What does 2020 Census data mean for public engagement?

As the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy, the US Census Bureau will be releasing its decennial data this fall. What does that mean for government organizations’ public engagement efforts? Integrating 2020 Census Data Into Plans & Programs Once 2020 Census data is released, government organizations will have a once-a-decade...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 21 May 2021
How the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is creating unique opportunities to improve public engagement

State and local governments will procure $119 billion in technology products and services this year, according to Government Technology. Many of these services will be paid for using funds through the $1.9 trillion federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Keep reading to see how government organizations are planning to allocate ARPA funding and the growing...

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Sunshine Week 2021 guest blog
Posted by Dan Bevarly | 19 March 2021
Virtual Meetings and Sunshine Laws

Every state has open government laws regarding requirements and policies for public records and public meetings. A year ago, during Sunshine Week 2020, most states enacted emergency orders to rescind those laws due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For state and local governments in particular, agencies and personnel were faced with an unprecedented challenge to manage...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 08 March 2021
8 Women who Paved the Way for Civil Rights and a More Inclusive Government

As we strive everyday to work toward a more equitable future, we can't help but reflect on the many women who we have to thank for paving the way to an inclusive world. March is a month-long celebration of the contributions of countless women who have made our world a better place.  As part of...

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