Posted by Jay Dawkins | 17 August 2018
Building trust with Geodata: How Austin, TX scored a Major League Soccer team

Last October, the owners of Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew announced that they were contemplating relocation. Austin was at the top of their list. But could the city handle the responsibilities that would come with it? Would taxpayers be willing to give up city-owned land for a new stadium? Here’s how the city’s communication team used...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 01 August 2018
Four strategies for successful community needs assessments

With community needs assessments becoming a popular tool for identifying key needs, we took a look at the key approaches we've seen work especially well.Read about it in our recent post here: Four Key Strategies for a successful Community Needs Assessment

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 29 May 2018
The case of Citi Bike: Capturing public engagement data to prevent setbacks

This past week, I found myself unable to put down a book by New York City's former transportation director, Janette Sadik-Khan. In Street Fight, she outlines her experiences of making big transportation changes in a city where change is notoriously hard.One story in particular caught my attention. When working on the citywide roll-out of Citi...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 01 May 2018
Using Design Sprints to Solve Problems, Fast

When working with our partner agencies, we often help them iterate their engagement processes from where they're at to help them develop flexible public involvement strategies that can work for all situations and require minimal training or adjustment of existing processes. 

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 25 April 2018
Raleigh Dog Parks: Community engagement software combines offline and online efforts

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department is undergoing a dog park study to determine the public's interest in dog facilities in the park system. As part of that process they have created a set of questions for the community and created an engagement portal on

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 01 March 2018
Introducing Google ‘Perspective’ integrations, and better sleep for communicators

Despite the proliferation of online discussion forums and social media, many agencies have struggled to embrace online dialog as a functional part of the public process. Their hesitation is simple - curating these spaces has historically meant significant investments of time and worry over what might be posted.New tools are giving organizations the power to...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 26 February 2018
Do More Without Doing More: A Better Community Engagement Process

Sometimes government agencies want “the next big thing” to solve their public involvement challenges. It's understandable: leadership pushes hard to engage the public, and historically efforts have been disappointing. This may lead us into thinking that we need a shiny new piece of technology, an off-the-shelf solution that acts as a community engagement magic wand....

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 01 February 2018
Should I setup a Facebook page for my public project?

Many times, early in project planning, teams find themselves wanting to expand public involvement in projects. The promise of social media looms large in increasing participation which leads many teams to ask: should this project have a Facebook page? The answer...

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