Posted by Hunter Gardner | 08 November 2017
Isn’t it time public engagement tapped the power of local media?

The failure of "if you build it they will come" Since the dawn of digital engagement tools, public engagement has suffered from an echo chamber effect where a small handful of people dominate both the online and offline public involvement process. This makes outreach a key piece of any public involvement effort. Increasing participation by...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 01 November 2017
A Data Dashboard for Civic Engagement

To simplify data reporting and sharing, partnered with Reach to develop the all-new Data Dashboard tool.  The dashboard is a central toolkit to find and share insights from the data collected through text messaging, embedded news surveys,, paper surveys, and offline events. It also makes it easier for our reporters and researchers to access the...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 28 September 2017
Innovators Wanted: Now accepting beta partners for ‘Mayor Mode’

We’re keeping this beta so we can focus our effort and attention on a handful of users interested in developing a dashboard for their stakeholders — such as the mayor, council, or city manager...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 11 September 2017
How to get the most out of your online surveys

We are all about public engagement at, but more importantly effective public engagement. An important step of this is lowering the barrier to getting people’s input. So the question was posed, “are we getting the most out of our online surveys?”As the Lead Data Scientist at PublicInput…I got excited. We hit the data and here...

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 23 August 2017
Visualizing Demography to quantify public engagement success

We hear the question almost weekly from clients doing public outreach on on planning initiatives and public projects:“How do I know when I’ve heard from enough people?”For many years, the answer to that question has been “it depends”. How many people came to the meetings? What do you know about your area’s residents? Do you...

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