Posted by Hunter Gardner | 20 February 2019
More Meaningful Feedback: How Online Engagement Software Makes A Difference

Great community engagement relies on getting meaningful feedback from residents on a given project. Meaningful feedback makes engagement efforts worthwhile, provides valuable insights to project teams, and builds public trust by improving the relationship between residents and local government.

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 30 January 2019
Product Update: Custom links for segmenting participants and tracking what works

Ever feel like you’re doing a lot to drive community engagement, but aren’t sure what’s working?What if you could tell which specific outreach efforts were generating the most participation? Or segment participants based on how they found you? Now you can do both using custom links in…

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 07 January 2019
The important differences between SurveyMonkey and public engagement software

Using an online survey tool like SurveyMonkey may seem like a no-brainer, but online survey tools like SurveyMonkey are not designed for public engagement - and can even undermine your success.Start with your intention. When considering an engagement tool, it’s important to ask the following…

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 05 December 2018
How Do I Get the Word Out? The First Step of Public Engagement

While every community is different, local government agencies often run into the same initial hurdle: how to get the word out about an upcoming project. Keep reading to see best practices for initial outreach and how public engagement software helps government agencies reach underrepresented groups.

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Posted by Jay Dawkins | 26 November 2018
Putting people back at the center of the consulting profession – for greater profits, impact, and trust

Public engagement software is helping consultants become more community-centric — and achieve greater profit, impact, and trust along the way.

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 08 November 2018
Online Town Hall: One piece of a complete community engagement strategy

As government agencies and municipalities continue to adopt software solutions, typical approaches to community engagement are being augmented. While public involvement efforts in the past mostly focused on manual processes and in-person communication, technology is making these efforts more efficient, targeted, and scalable.

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 26 October 2018
Community engagement software quantifies public perceptions on parking, traffic

Cities of every size are subject to traffic and parking issues. Every town has roads, commuters, pedestrians, bikers - not to mention limits created by zoning, space, or capacity for infrastructure. Exeter, New Hampshire is a town of 15,000 residents. Over the past year parking and traffic have been garnering more attention from the public,...

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Posted by Hunter Gardner | 21 September 2018
3CMA Annual Conference: What We Learned

Held in Milwaukee this September, the 3CMA Annual Conference gathered hundreds of government communicators eager to learn from one another about how to accomplish better community engagement. There was plenty to be inspired by, as speakers presented on their efforts both offline and online. We heard about how Kansas City, Missouri was reaching a new...

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